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When planning vacation, many of us are faced with the question, what to choose, in guesthouses or hotels. Well, each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, when understanding them and putting them against your expectations and desires will eventually allow you to make the right choice.

Hotels The advantages and disadvantages
of hotels are located all over the country, so if you are interested in your choice of accommodation, you will find hotels in the center, hotels in the north, hotels in the south, hotels in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Hotels offer different levels of accommodation so that anyone can find a hotel that meets its standards and, no less importantly, matches the budget it is designated for a vacation. Many hotels offer plenty of attractions for the whole family: swimming pool, spa, children’s club, entertainment team and the possibility of a number of rich and varied meals a day. The main drawbacks of hotels are characterized by the fact that during the summer and holidays, they will usually be crowded (unless you choose to stay in a boutique hotel.) The burden is the source of the additional disadvantage of personal attention – in most cases, if you make a special request, You will receive a response, but this is not a vacation tailored specifically to your preferences and needs.

B & B’s – Advantages and Disadvantages
Even those who are looking for B & B vacation rentals can find what they want in a variety of areas in the country: B & B in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, B & B vacation rentals in the north, B & B offers quiet and intimate accommodation, in places that are usually immersed in green nature, or watching spectacular views. In many of the B & B’s, you will find luxurious treats such as: a breakfast that will be served to you, a Jacuzzi, unique and impressive design – like a cabin located in a cave and the list of luxuries is still long. The disadvantages of the bed and breakfasts are mainly the subject of activities – if you are looking to enrich your vacation with content, you will usually need to independently find attractions or hiking sites in the area, or ask the owner of the Zimmer recommendation. Another disadvantage is that most bed and breakfasts serve only breakfasts, so that most of the meals most of the vacationers eat in restaurants.

As mentioned above, even accommodation in bed and breakfasts, and accommodation in hotels have advantages and disadvantages, and on the site “Zimmer in Israel” you can find all the options, and choose from them the one that best suits you.

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