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You must have asked yourselves, when is it worthwhile to go on vacation in Israel? The comfortable weather in Israel allows you to go on vacation all year round. Except for two months in winter where the risk is rainy weather throughout the year the weather is comfortable and suitable for vacations. Most Israelis who go on holiday in Israel do so during the fall and spring holidays. This is a time when the children of Israel are on holiday from the educational institutions and the whole family can go on holiday together. The main season in which entire families leave for vacation is the summer season during the summer holidays.

Holiday hotel or B & B?

The choice to take a vacation in Israel in a hotel or a guest house is in the hands of the vacationer. Some families prefer to go to a hotel with regular meals, there is no need to worry about arranging and cleaning the room. Each hotel has swimming pools, spa rooms, most of which are built in the sea area. Most of them in cities so you can spend all the places that the city offers both adults and children.

While in the children’s canteen they can play outside without fear of causing them any damage, the hotel can only play in places designated for games.

At the Zimmer vacationers can choose a schedule according to their wishes and not depend on the hours developed as in a hotel.

Many vacationers choose to hold their vacations at the Zimmer where workshops are held in various fields such as vegetarianism or veganism.

Who is suitable for vacation in the Zimmer?

The choice of a B & B is usually for an extended family, parents, children, grandchildren and more. The meals are prepared independently for everyone, the purchase of groceries is in accordance with the preference of the vacationers, there is a rural landscape and a courtyard where in most cases a swimming pool. And children’s playgrounds There are no parking problems and you can go for walks in the area and enjoy the view.

B vacation rentals in Israel

In Israel, there is advertising about B & B’s and hotels throughout the country. A review of the information published on the portal Zimmer in Israel shortens the search process by the fact that inactive hotels and hotels are not advertised.

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